Since 2005 Phoenix Music International Ltd has been quietly and painstakingly building a catalogue of music that crosses genres, eras, geographical lines, scenes and cities. It began with Belfern and Deviant, and since has taken in Gut, Telstar, Jet Star, Resist, Collins Classics, Renaissance and Azuli. A proper in-house publishing company now exists, as does a team of nine music lovers of all tastes and flavours.

At the heart is a simple philosophy – we do the best we can for the artists, writers and labels that make up our catalogue. “The best” may mean tracking down digital royalties from an independent release in Mexico, it may mean syncing a track to a Hollywood blockbuster, or it may mean actually tracking down an artist to tell them we have royalties for them.

So as it says on our twitter, we acquire, we license, we sell, we publish, we sync and we pay. Simple really.