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Gut Records


When Radio plugger Guy Holmes couldn’t get any interest from any of the record companies he played “I’m Too Sexy” to, he decided to release the track by unknown band Right Said Fred himself. His belief was rewarded with a worldwide hit that is still as popular today as it was nearly 20 years ago.


Gut Records was born and the next signings – Space and Aswad – secured the label’s position. From here spawned an eclectic mix of music, artists and labels which developed into one of the top 5 UK independents. Other catalogue highlights included Tom Jones, Fightstar and Crazy Frog.


Gusto was the internationally successful dance imprint from the Gut Records stable. The label’s early cool releases from Hairy Diamond and Puretone gave way to commercial monsters such as “Out of Touch” by Uniting Nations, “Say Say Say” by Hi Tack, “Love Don’t Let Me Go Walking Away” by David Guetta vs The Egg and “Keep On Jumpin” by The Lisa Marie Experience.


In 2008 Phoenix Music International acquired Gut Records' back catalogue.

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