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'The Champ' turns 50!

We’ve been struggling to keep this one quiet, but now the news is finally out! Phoenix Music International is pleased to announce a new and exciting collaboration with the online sample database, WhoSampled.

In partnership with Jet Star Music, Pama Records and WhoSampled, we are proud to present a special interactive web page celebrating the history and legacy of ‘The Champ’ by The Mohawks in the year of the song’s 50th anniversary.

As one of the most sampled songs in history, ‘The Champ’ has influenced the majority of musical genres we know and love today. Now, you can read all about its history, influence and more over on Who Sampled’s website. What’s more, there’s even an interactive, and highly addictive, game included!

Phoenix Music International would like to extend a special thanks to Chris and his team at WhoSampled for all their hard work in helping bring this project to life. We hope you enjoy it!

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