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PMI Proudly Presents Steve Cobby

PMI are excited to announce we are now the proud distributor for Musician Steve Cobby!

Steve Cobby is a prolific polymath, whose near 35 year career in music has been shaped by a penchant for ‘trans-categorical’ music, a fiercely independent ‘do-it-yourself’ spirit, close-knit ties to his home city of Kingston-Upon-Hull, and an ability to simultaneously delight listeners and confound music critics.


Cobby is best-known for his work with long-time studio partner David ‘Man’ McSherry as Fila Brazillia, a typically impossible-to-pigeonhole outfit who delivered a string of sublime singles and albums in the 1990s and early 2000s, as well as countless remixes for artists including Radiohead, Simple Minds, A Certain Ratio and The Orb. There have been countless other collaborative projects over the years, too, including Ashley & Jackson and Heights of Abraham, as well as releases created with avant-garde composer Harold Budd, dub maestro Dennis Bovell, Richard H Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Crazy P’s Danielle Moore.


Yet for all of the joint projects, some of Cobby’s strongest work has been solo material. He spent the 1990s and early 2000s offering up occasional singles and EPs under a variety of aliases (most frequently Solid Doctor), before later reverting to his given name. Since releasing Saudade in 2014 (one of the earliest releases on his Declasse imprint), Cobby has delivered a string of sublime solo sets – including the immensely personal and poignant I’ve Loved You All My Life (2021) and 2023’s inspired The New Law of Righteousness – all of which draw on Cobby’s disparate musical tastes and penchant for creating both dancefloor-focused music and immersive, headphone-friendly soundscapes.

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