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Pre-Order Lulu's Box Set

We just love to love Lulu! Now, there’s even more reason to do so with the upcoming release of her special edition anniversary box set!

With the National Treasure turning 70 on November 3rd, ‘Decade: 1967-1976’ is a celebration of Lulu’s life and legacy. Including a definitive collection of five CDs, exclusive archive images, new liner notes by Alan Robinson and a hardcover media book, the box set is a tell-all insight into the iconic household name.

Whilst the first two CDs showcase Lulu’s Columbia years with stratospheric hits like her 1967 US No.1, ‘To Sir With Love’, and, of course, the unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest winning ‘Boom Bang-A-Bang, discs three and four shine a light upon her ‘Atco’ years. The fifth and final disc brings with it some of the newer, more soulful and contemporary sounds of Lulu.

Want to get your hands on this spectacular piece of music memorabilia? Well, with the full box set being released on November 16th, you can do just that by placing a pre-order here.

What’s more, if you just can’t wait another two weeks, Demon Music Group has also compiled a fourteen track, special edition vinyl to complement their box set. Pressed onto ravishing red vinyl, you can get your hands on ‘The Best of 1967-1975’ now.

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