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Celebrate 25 years of 'Spiders' by Space 🕷️

We're celebrating the 25th anniversary of Space's iconic debut album, 'Spiders', with a limited edition reissue. With this being the first time 'Spiders' has ever been released on vinyl, Space has created a true collector's item by pressing the album on a 180g translucent yellow disc. What's more, Tommy Scott, Franny Griffiths and Jamie Murphy have all signed an exclusive run of 500 copies!

Recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool and released on Gut Records on September 16th, 1996, 'Spiders' instantly broke Space's unique blend of alternative indie and Britpop into the UK charts. The album skyrocketed straight to No. 5 in the UK albums chart and soon turned platinum in December of the same year.

'Spiders' spawned hit after hit in a country revelling in this exciting new sound and scene coming from the North. 'Female of Species', ‘Neighbourhood’, ‘Me and You Versus the World’ and ‘Dark Clouds’ became seminal anthems of the genre and went on to influence countless bands and emerging artists of the time.

Order the 25th anniversary edition of 'Spiders' here and the limited edition signed copy here.

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