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Sunscreem is a techno/house music band hailing from Essex, England, known for their trailblazing success on the US Hot Dance Music/Club chart during the 1990s and beyond. The group's core comprises lead vocalist, cellist, and keyboardist Lucia Holm and keyboardist Paul Carnell, who serendipitously met at a warehouse rave in early 90s Essex and decided to form a band.


Their early singles 'Walk On' and 'Pressure' quickly gained popularity on dancefloors across the UK, paving the way for their breakthrough. However, it was the 1993 release of 'Love U More' that became their trademark song and catapulted them to their biggest hit and henceforth the release of their debut album O3 on Columbia Records in the US.


The band has since produced an impressive discography comprising seven albums, each showcasing their distinctive blend of techno and house music. Among these, the 2015 album 'Sweet Life’, stands out as a true gem - a beautiful fusion of dreamy melancholic electro-pop that captivates listeners with its ethereal melodies and evocative atmosphere and is featured as a One-Stop in PMI's distinguished catalogue - check it out below.

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