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From its first vinyl releases back in 1991, Azuli became synonymous with the birth and evolution of house music in the UK and, to this day, remains the UK’s longest running house label.


The label was originally formed in London by the DJ David Piccioni who went from selling 12” records out of the back of a van to putting together some of the most sought after mix compilation series' in dance.


Piccioni’s American knowledge and experience was used to its full advantage when starting Azuli. Piccioni recalled that “At the time, there was a lot of house coming out in London from the acid scene but also a lot of stuff that was more American sounding which we wanted to put out,”. Thus, with their shrink-wrapped, very deliberately US looking 12”s, Azuli’s debut release, Chocolate Fudge’s ‘In a Fantasy’, flew off the shelves and into the world’s DJ crates.


In 2009 Phoenix Music International acquired the Azuli back catalogue which consists of a host of seminal singles and compilation albums. Some of the most notable tracks include ‘If You Fall’ by Ad Finem, ‘Bring Me Love’ by Andrea Mendez and ‘Will I’ (Discover Love) by DJ Chus & David Penn.

You can listen to the full Azuli back catalogue under our dance division, GRAND Music.

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