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Mis-Teeq was a British girl group that rose to fame in the early 2000s, known for their unique blend of R&B, garage, and hip-hop music. The group originally formed in 1999 and consisted of members Alesha Dixon, Sabrina Washington, Su-Elise Nash, and Zena McNally. However, McNally left the group in early 2001, leaving it as a trio.

Mis-Teeq released several hit singles including "Why?" "All I Want," "One Night Stand," and "Scandalous," which became their signature song. Their music was characterized by catchy melodies, strong vocal performances, and a mix of rap and singing. The group released two studio albums, "Lickin' on Both Sides" (2001) and "Eye Candy" (2003), both of which were commercially successful.

Mis-Teeq disbanded in 2005, with the members pursuing solo careers and other projects. Alesha Dixon, in particular, went on to have a successful solo music career and became a popular television personality in the UK. Despite their relatively short career, Mis-Teeq left a lasting impact on the UK music scene and are remembered for their contributions to the early 2000s music landscape.

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