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Craze 24 teams up with Kyla on his latest track

Craze 24 is back with a brand new tune! 'Can't Let You Go' is the lead single from the South London rapper's debut album, 'Dying to Live'.

Featuring the vocal talents of Kyla, most notably known for her UK Funky anthems and her appearance on 'One Dance' by Drake, the track is an uplifting fusion of British hip-hop and modern afrobeat.

Speaking about the track, Craze explained ''Cant Let You Go' is a love song about a good girl who is addicted to a bad boy and can't let go of her guilty pleasure. We've all heard the saying, every good girl wants a bad boy who is good just for her or every bad boy wants a good girl who is bad just for him, well that's exactly what I had I mind when creating this track'.

'Dying to Live' will be released on February 14th and features appearances from the likes of D Double E, P Money, Koder, Loick Essien and many more. Pre-order the full album here.

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