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Listen to the 'Perfect' new album from Rig!

Comprising of an unreleased mini-album and a number of rare recordings, 'Perfect' is the brand new album from Rig. Listen here!

Having supported the likes of Inspiral Carpets during the early 90s, Rig were a regular name on the Manchester circuit. Their debut single, 'Dig', made waves throughout the indie underground and the band's music regularly appeared on popular compilation albums of the time.

Riding on this success, Rig recorded six tracks between February and April 1990 at Suite 16 Studios in Rochdale. Taking influence from titans of the era including Talking Heads, New Order, INXS and more, the tracks heralded a unique blend of indie dance and pop that was guaranteed to see Rig selling out clubs and venues around the country. But, as the album neared its release, Rig's label folded and the album was shelved.

Thirty years later, guitarist and archivist of the band, Darren, set about digitising the band's history. Working with Dead Dead Good Records, Darren and the band have compiled Rig's debut album, 'Perfect'.

The first six tracks of the album are the original mini-album as intended. These are followed by ‘Moody (Dance)’ which was the natural follow-on single at the time. Also included are live favourites, ‘B.R.O.’ and ‘Thud’, which were only available on the seminal compilation albums, 'Hit the North' and 'Home'. The final track is from Dead Dead Good sessions for the band's second single, another previously unreleased track.

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