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Listen to Right Said Fred's new single, 'Godsend'.

We are pleased to announce the release of Right Said Fred's latest single, 'Godsend'. Voted the U.K.’s most controversial band in 2022, their new single will be a shock to many. Written in lockdown with lyric references to mental health, depictions of current changes and visions of our dystopian future, 'Godsend' stands tall above adversity. What's more, the single features the duo's first animated video.

In 2021, Right Said Fred were catapulted back into the limelight after Canadian rapper, Drake, sampled the Freds' iconic song, 'I'm Too Sexy' on his Billboard No. 1 hit, 'Way 2 Sexy'. In support of their new single, Right Said Fred will also be appearing in MusicWeek, teaming up with Drake's personal assistant, London Mars, for a special feature.

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